Venus in aspect of comparative horoscope-Mutual aspects of the planet

Venus in the positive aspects of Venus
One of the strongest indicators that partners have the power to develop relationships.

There is no doubt talking about the very strong emotions, similar needs when it comes to emotional expression, force feelings.
Certainly the trine, sextile, and the conjunction of Venus between the two partners an excellent starting signal for a longer relationship, even marriage.

Venus in all aspects with Mars
Yeah, absolutely all aspects formed between Venus and Mars returns pair needed passion, dynamism and potential break up the monotony.

When we have a wonderful harmonious aspect or exchange sexual and vital energy, joy and optimism.
In the case of the negative aspects of the issue of passion can be abused (aggression and tension in the relationship), but still physical attraction has to be extremely high.

Venus in a positive aspect with Jupiter
-is a powerful and very benevolent aspect, which sometimes acts like a gift from heaven, problem solving in the form of positive surprises, as well as the large influx of money.

The best will be manifested if a couple has a kind of common work (as this aspect is virtually certain) and antique shops in the area of ​​values, or import and export, can easily reach the enormous wealth.

Venus in the positive aspects of Saturn
-not to say that this is one of the happiest aspect, but it is one of the most necessary.

Because Saturn is not the one who has given form, which keeps us bonded, through all of life’s events, and therefore when the couple once found, it is difficult to clamp ever untied.

Venus in a positive aspect to Uranus
-Težak and very interesting aspect, which forces us to change attitudes, to tear down all the barriers and without thinking about anything dive into a completely new relationship.

Fully opozitan aspect of Venus / Saturn, because there’s very hard to get a formal connection or interest in the partners almost never stops, and that’s the beauty and quality of this aspect.

Venus in a positive aspect to Neptune
Good used, this aspect opens a wonderful perspective of life as a fairy tale; because these two people can live fully committed to each other.

If there is no strong aspect of Saturn with Venus, the sun or the moon, can often be too much to sacrifice for the sake of the relationship, or at least the environment looks like.

Great aspect if one partner artist.

Venus in a positive aspect to Pluto
-fatalnost and forgetfulness.
Unlike Uranovske barrel that moves us everything we ever build emotional, with Pluto moving things from the ground up.
Among the people who share this aspect must be a strong potential and a great willingness to fight for what you believe is right.
Top manifests itself as a support in the most difficult situations.