Venus in Cancer RIGHTS square to Jupiter and Uranus sextile to Mercury, trine to Neptune and Pluto opposition ……

Venus entered the sign of Cancer and during their stay in this sign rights square to Jupiter and Uranus sextile to Mercury, trine to Neptune and Pluto opposition. Firstly, the symbolism of Venus in Cancer in the broadest sense is the enjoyment (Venus) in the home, family (Cancer).

This Venus loves roots, history, tradition and feels most comfortable in a family atmosphere, may be prone to weight gain in the abdominal area, but women are usually more pronounced belly and breasts.

Venus in Cancer gives a very sensitive, emotional and intuitive person, usually have some talent for dance, music, crafts, may be interested in traditional crafts, cooking also. People with this position often have the feeling ,, “how to do things without having to have knowledge about it, working at its discretion, because it gives them a chance to be innovative and different. Enjoy the decorations, ornaments and festive atmosphere.

How is this position of Venus under the influence of the moon, which is inherently variable and fluent, it would mean that the behavior in love and intimate relationships depends greatly on the current emotional state, security and self-esteem. So if a person feels frustrated, unloved, rejected, so they will behave and Venus, will not have too much of a hearing or for loved ones. It can move to the other extreme and be very cold, reserved, easily taking on the role of the victim.

Venus in Cancer is often dependent on other people, other people’s emotions easily absorbed and quickly fell under the influence of the environment. In terms of possible challenges, the Venus can be very suggestible, not setting a clear boundary between the ,, i “i ,, we.”

Venus in Cancer in August will be under the influence of Mercury and Neptune, which makes it fantastic, full of inspiration and creativity, and is generally a good August for creating, learning new things and remodeling homes. Venus and Mercury together give the beauty of movement, positive thoughts, good words, changing habits and self-esteem.

Venus and Neptune give inspiration, dreams, great expectations and emphasized intuition, love is idealized and a little film. Venus and Neptune in the symbolism of giving new use of spices in food, experimenting with flavors, aromas, and exaggeration in all this. Venus and Neptune are oil body creams, cosmetics, color and melody.

Venus will also be squared by Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto opposition. Venus square Uranus gives freedom to the need, but often at the expense of partners and relationships. This is the aspect of long distance relationship and love that is waiting. Perfect love is the one in which it is possible to express all their freedom, even if it meant being with another person. People with this aspect of the fear of rejection, but never talk about it openly.

I often feel better and prefer a partner in his absence, but when it is present. Venus from contact Uranus gives a free style of dress, often unique and unrepeatable. As Venus is in Cancer is likely to make itself or sew a piece of clothing or jewelry that will appear different from others.

Touch Neptune once again the possibility of great inspiration and creative freedom. Touch Uranus’s bunt in love at any cost, where a higher value on personal freedom of the partner. These people often have the attitude that they need a friend, not a partner, and are often left with former partners in a friendly relationship. However, square to Uranus always brings tension, however, is not the case that stems from the love of friendship, and vice versa.

In the square of Venus and Jupiter lies excessive optimism and the need for consumption even over its own borders. This is the aspect of naivety and a great investment in the things that matter, whether they are bonds, friendship or business. People with this aspect of trying too hard to be loved and accepted, and enter into relations with the belief that people are trying to change or return to a relationship ,, old “even though he has long changed.

Finally, Venus is in opposition to Pluto gives a love that is imbued with demons, hatred, sacrifice. In this aspect of love (Venus) pain (Pluto), because the person thus sees love. Love is not love if there is no suffering, transformation, meeting the deepest and darkest sides, both personal and partner.

This is often the aspect of manipulation, control, jealousy, war and loss. The person reflects the relationship of personal fears, and often attracts people who are in some way indifferent to bond and work online. There is a sense of dissatisfaction and the constant need to be liked other people, personal value is identified with the opinion of the partners and other people. This aspect is to rely on personal strength and confidence, considering that after a person acting destructively if you rely on others.

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