Venus in Cancer-unpredictable, she’s shy and not talkative …. Ceni domestic and financial security …..

Venus in Cancer is very sensitive and easily hurt her feelings. Unpredictable, she’s shy and not talkative. Domestic price and financial security, cherishes family and home. She wants to show her love. He loves his mother and family. Tutelary is set, and the house of her is sacred. He prefers a romantic dinner at home rather than in an elite restaurant. It is a good housewife and a good cook. Feminine and loves her children. Patriarchal and is not interested in a lot of careers. According partner relations as a mother. She is ready to renounce for children and families. From men seeking protection and sense of security. Not institutions, quiet and full of sympathy for her husband and family. Seeking a man who would be a good father to her children. Love the open offer. There affection of parents and constantly returning to the past. She is a grandmother, a nurse, a cook, housekeeper, painter or doing real estate. If Venus is in Cancer badly aspected it is payable, sullen, sentimental and unstable emotional reactions.

Venus retrograde in Cancer has an Oedipus complex and to marry a partner who resembles the parent of the opposite sex.

A man with Venus in Cancer asking a woman who’s a family guy and a good cook. He likes plump women, big and wet eyes with a beautiful and large breasts. He loves the woman and the house dressed. He was a womanizer, bohemian and has more connections. Seeking a motherly type of woman, and a woman who looks like her mother. Long held his love. Feelings expressed gentle and protective. It has a traditional approach to the relationship. Not much more passionate, the more motherly love expressed through the care and tuning partner. There are a lot of emotions, if it is injured then withdrawn. The slightest thing and misunderstanding by wounds.

HOW TO ATTRACT A MAN WITH VENUS IN CANCER? In the eyes do not put too much lipstick attack. Highlight breasts and be feminine, he does not like masculine women. Do not act as an independent-minded woman, because he is traditional. Be gentle and sensitive, but do not jump to be chatty. Tell how you love to cook, love to children, that the mother is sacred, and the like.