Venus in Cancer-Venus by zodiac signs

This position of Venus, is about people who respect and value traditional and family values. They love rules, dedication and commitment to the loved ones. They can be influenced by the mother or the mother is quite intrusive to your requirements. This person will not be so easy to get in touch, although it is a great romantic, as it comes to cancer, which is primarily an emotional character, the person will bring to the great need to depend on partners, and a great fear of attachment, especially if early experiences rejection .

These people are creative, sensitive and expressive, but only when you gain trust and confidence in the person you are. They love the classic style of dress. In relationships with friends and partners may be modest and unobtrusive, often overprotective, but also constantly on the lookout for somebody gets hurt. Some of these discordant manifestation of Venus focus on themselves and their own interests, changing the mood and the need for competition, because the cardinal sign of Cancer and modalities.

This compound cardinal modalities and water elements, Venus makes it susceptible to environmental influences which still operates in its interests that may be toggled as well as her emotional state. Peace and happiness people with Venus in Cancer depend on how well you can control emotions and closeness with others. In this regard, the eternal seesaw between complete lectures and complete rejection of a loved one, becomes incomprehensible and herself.

Venus is under the influence of the moon, but this person may have challenges with the stomach, chest, in the family, with the most female members, mother, sisters. Creative is always ready to listen and support. On the other hand it will continue to excessive worry, that does not finish until the end of things, because they are afraid that others like it, to underestimate their potential, constantly fighting with themselves, their mood swings and modesty.

Known Venus in Cancer: Angelina Jolie, Donald Trump, Natalie Portman, Cameron Diaz, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jung, Edward Norton, Clint Eastwood, Rafael Nadal, Nikola Tesla, Lenny Kravitz, Ernest Hemingway