Venus in Capricorn-It has good social status, in politics, antiques, classic art, dentist’s or architect …..

Venus in Capricorn is a serious girl, who is classically trained. It is conventional, conservative, reserved, polite, patient, balanced and stable. Often it is not beautiful, it is calculated, ambitious and loyal. It is not easy to seduce. It has a good social status, in politics, antiques, classic art, dentist’s or architect. It respects tradition

Venus retrograde in Capricorn in mladsti is more mature than their peers, inhibits emotions and withhold satisfaction. Her life is filled with barriers and form. Karmic love. He returns to old relationships.

A man with Venus in Capricorn chooses a wealthy woman on a good social position and carefully enters the connection. Status and economic security take precedence over love. Veran is asking a lot of commitment and serious approach to love. Controls emotions and does not have a lot of passion. He likes mature women and dark-skinned. In love everything is going slowly. He is prone to long-term relationships. Cold is not romantic. The marriage has social status. In his youth, older women seeking a mature younger. Not for superficial relationships. Often marry a woman who can help him in his career. Old loves are important to him.

HOW TO ATTRACT man with Venus in Capricorn? If you really want after the above then put on a classic, “Button up to the neck,” because he likes to wear conceal more than they reveal. No odudarajte from the environment. Wear something black or brown leather put something on yourself. It would be good if you are a brunette. Be serious, moderate and arm yourself with patience, because it takes a long time until you decide to come closer.