Venus in Gemini brings increased communication between people …. All are charming, open, willing to talk and socialize!

Venus in Gemini brings increased communication among people. Gemini symbolizes phones, computers, and all means of communication. Venus in Gemini brings in an easy, simple and spontaneous way of establishing Contacts, with other people. All are charming, open, willing to talk and socialize. Brings an interesting and pleasant conversations with the opposite sex, come messages from unknown persons who want to establish communication, you will be in constant contact with your loved one and through it you will always be informed about everything that is going on in your environment. Venus retrograde stroke reflects the love and the financial sphere of life. Emphasized the risk of occurrence of emotional uncertainty in the field of love due to lack of understanding, lack of tolerance and as a result of leaving an impression of existence the desire for more indifferent behavior when it comes to the exchange of tenderness and emotion in a relationship or marriage. It is certain reporting disharmony in a love relationship for those who are in a relationship or marriage. To this can be a lonely period of unfulfilled desires and expectations in the field of love. It is particularly desirable to be vigilant when it comes to planning a marriage because Venus retrograde period considered unfavorable when it comes to planning such important life events. If at the time of your birth in the sky was retrograde Venus to give strong indications that in the course of life will be more cautious and more reserved when it comes to the desire for a deeper binding in love. This, however, does not mean that you will definitely be lucky in love, it means that this Venus can slow down the process of achieving a happy marriage and can invest more energy and effort than is normally needed to allow you to realize the aspirations of love. In the field of finance during the period of retrograde Venus is debilitated caution when handling money. This period is considered to be particularly dangerous when it comes to borrowing or taking loans, real estate, investing money investing money when starting a job because it gives inadequate assessment and unreasonable and reckless use of money. Period is not favorable for the purchase of valuable and more valuable things.