Venus in Gemini Venus after zodiac signs

Venus in Gemini attracts research and mentally connect with a partner. He likes communicative person, spontaneous and curious. Although itself can be a conservative suit her extroverted people among whom he feels free to speak his mind. She is interested in different things, ranging from dance, through psychology to art.

As changeable character can not long be retained in one field and one theme unless her dispositor is not in a fixed sign which can be a big challenge for her. A lot of things, a little bit of time to achieve. As a mental character, bit her ideas to share with someone, that ideas are logical, objective and rational. I love approached in a similar way. Evaluates the strategy and the ability of other people to link things likes associations, puzzles, mysteries. Peace and balance in situations where practical, whether it is learning or creating something, it is important to her that their intelligence can be applied to something visible and material.

He loves jewelry, ranging from interesting glasses, rings, mascara. Youthful looks and behavior and is always interested in the fun and fellowship. Almost without prejudice, there is no problem to socialize with those younger than themselves, any situation seen as suitable for research. However, it will happen at some point be too rough and sloppy, impatient also. Due to its variable nature of life may be difficult to only one partner is a dedicated and faithful, especially in the younger years.

Easy to lose focus and interest, and very quickly moves on to a new topic. Can enjoy writing poetry and reading the same. While working outside already, as an intellectual character, this Venus is always in my thoughts and review things, so that curious spirit that has not always practical for her alone, especially when it turns to thoughts and inner dialogue.

Known Venus in Gemini: Jennifer Lopez, Uma Thurman, Sandra Bullock, Russell Crowe, Tom Hanks, Adel, Kylie Minogue, David Beckham, Bob Dylan, Harrison Ford, Jessica Simpson, Naomi Campbell