Venus in Jarca- will become more serious and demanding in love!

Venus entered the sign of Capricorn, and will become more serious and demanding in love. Although’ll want to hang out with people and share the attention, because it is still Venus, it will work on a more cautious and often cold manner than was the case with Venus in Sagittarius.

Under the influence of Saturn, Venus in Capricorn often feel melancholy, can give disappointment in love or simply the inability to completely enjoy it. This is Venus directed to work, ambition, discipline requirements and, as such, can be very hard on partners and children, but also very loyal, hard-working, loyal and someone who will tend to loved ones provide security and peace.

Under Saturn’s influence can be suspicious of trying to re seeking evidence of love. She loves to work and loves to established patterns of behavior. Dislikes sudden and unpleasant situation, because they deprive her control and the inability to objectively assess the situation. I can be attracted to older men, black men, men with beards. People who have this position may be for years to look younger. It is interesting that this age Venus loves and feels comfortable in it. Accept, and experience as something inevitable about what can not be loaded.

Currently, such Venus in opposition to the Moon. The moon is in Cancer which makes it much more sensitive, emotive and more susceptible to the influences of other people and other people’s opinions. In opposition to the Venus, the Moon becomes irritable, insecure and too intuitive, but it can not parse the sensations of the facts. The opposition of these two planets can often give conflicts with the female members of the family and children. He speaks also of the difficulty to reconcile the female and maternal principles in person or that one works to the detriment of another. As Venus will have a constant feeling that something is sacrificed, especially your work and ambition for the moon, and the moon will also have the fear and uncertainty that will fully express their emotions and talents, and form a family.

Of course these are all fears and do not have a direct impact on the person, if they are aware of. Opposition gives insight or awareness of the events, but still can not talk about the readiness of people to make a decision that will behave differently. It depends on the experience of the individual, its genetics, upbringing, and most of the free will to change something. On a specific level, this aspect may refer to problems at work and family that depends on one or the other suffers. Because of laziness and some irrational beliefs, fears or anxiety can have the occasional emotional outbursts in the business environment, which will force us to look for the exit in an activity, whether sport, shopping and the like.

This aspect can affect health, especially the stomach and digestive problems. Due to changes in mood, it is important what we will focus, some form of free activities, art, drawing, writing today can be helpful.

Moon also true aspect with Pluto, so expect heavy dreams in which you lose the person or you face your fears. Pluto indicates losses, wars and rape, but also the transformation of the soul and abandoning old patterns. Maybe the pain and suffering that you find unnecessary. Surely it is better to solve through dreams, but the real situation.

It is interesting that Mars entered the sign of Aquarius, and is willing to cooperate, socialize and consume energy in the sport, ideas and outings. How Mars in air sign, expect the discussion, and debate. This is Mars that wants to prove by innovative and futuristic attitude, rebellious he wants at all costs to be noticed, but not as Leo, pompous, more like a man of the shadows. Mars in this sign story about ideals, about relationships between people, is trying to spread solidarity and objectivity. This is thought energy, or male and fixed, so that as much as i focused on understanding other people is often unprepared to any compromise. It’s time for sports and games, books and new inventions in technology.

Mars today a real aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius, which gives security, courage and support to authorities and older people to freely express their ideas. We may seem that we are extremely uncertain, but our actions will not talk like that, especially since we have the support of time, discipline and foundation. The aspect of Saturn and Mars and harmonious talk about the beauty of life, peace of mind and wisdom through experience, he motivates to action that is not rushed, but planned and with a clear goal.

I Capricorn and Aquarius are signs of ideals, but we will stand up for ideas, meaning, other people, senior certificates. You will be surprised by the penetrating, perception and philosophical conclusions about life. You may establish a principle of life that will mean for us still. Saturn sextile Jupiter is another indication of the ties Mars and Sagittarius. Jupiter, Saturn brings the need to expand the faith and experience in interpersonal and intimate relationships, which will Saturn careful, cautious and disciplined consider through lectures, scientific films, conferences or philosophy.

This aspect is about the conscious merging of religion and borders, something like a practical understanding of God or known as the Law of Attraction. The man slowly realizes that the size of his work depends on his mind, not from other people or external circumstances supreme heavenly court.

Dan is interesting because of the ouster of mood, mixing intuition with reality, strange dreams and energy, which is aimed at changing the known boundaries.