Venus in Leo-romantic and loyal to what is considered worthy of your love!

Venus in Leo is proud and fiery strong-willed woman and theatrical behavior. It is a social, wants to be noticed and the center of attention. She wants her dive. He loves art, especially acting. It is open, generous, cheerful and loves children. Romantic and loyal to what is considered worthy of his love. Lusuz likes and wears expensive gold jewelry in particular. Spends a lot and wants to possess the prestigious things. Do not tolerate meanness and pettiness. Is there a need to please others and charm environment. The important thing is what kind of impression she leaves the environment. He likes to go out and to have fun. It is open and generous. More important is the position of her money. He needs to live in style. He can not stand being alone. The charity wants attention and adoration, and dramatize emotions. Confident posture reminds man how difficult it is to get. The vain, self-centered and proud. Attractive to perfection. Regarding expected respect and expensive gifts. It is expected to be won by flattery, courtship and expensive gifts. Pride affects the stability of the relationship, the one who trick for her no longer exists, because it trampled her pride. If her love is not very uzvraćaena her hurt feelings. She’s been in love. Wins očima.Traži exceptional love and someone to be proud of and who will admire. Often has to do with married men and people in position. Do not suffer the weak and less intelligent. Partner rising on a pedestal. She is an actress, model, celebrity, business success, athlete, director of the company or is successful in politics. If Venus is in Leo too badly aspected is proud snob, selfish and preokupirna sex. Also partners bullying, gambling and has a complex surgery (puts inserts).

Venus retrograde in Leo shows no emotion. Attracting people to the situation. An important her style, good taste and manners. Provides a great love, but to no cost. Not sure about the honesty of others. The benefits of sex and creativity as a means of self-affirmation.

HE Venus in Leo easily overwhelmed. Do not pay attention to their mate’s faults. He loves to love and the passionate. He dominates the relationship and has great erotic needs. His pride is easily hurt. It must feel respected in this regard. Veran is essentially, though it can happen a scandal. When you cease to respect the cease partner and he loved her. Attracted to women who are expecting a lot from him, those who have taste and style, which are fancy dressed and trimmed. Attracted by successful women, adorned with gold and precious stones, those “glory”. He likes blondes, popular and representative of women. He asks, “Queen”, which will show around. Gallant and buys expensive gifts to women. Love relationships usually start in theater, coffee shop or other places of entertainment.

HOW TO ATTRACT MEN Venus in Leo? It would be good if you’re blonde. Perfectly našminkajte and highlight the eyes to look “feline”. Get dressed in fancy clothes and put gold on themselves. Walk proudly and confidently and you will become his “queen.” Behavior show that you can not easily get. Strive to be the center of attention. Admire him and flatter him. Be cheerful, open and veikodušni i DO NOT ignore it.