Venus in Leo Venus-per zodiac signs

This position of Venus is about a person who appreciates and respects the identity, keeping and exterior. He likes people who stand out with something, whether it’s status, abilities, skills. This position of Venus gives people who are good actors, artists, and musicians, they love attention and like recognition of diplomas, applause. Venus in Leo is the best feeling when it is able to highlight their qualities and give appropriate support to the community in this regard.

It is free, sometimes childish, but very brave, dramatic and often proud of when it comes to love. Courageous and combative, and very easy to show their views. Sometimes it may appear that her opinion is not important to the environment and is itself at what he does, but on a deeper level, that kind of thing is extremely affecting, to the extent that it can become a cruel, jealous, too dominant and prone to boasting.

The other extreme of this is that Venus might be too dependent on other people’s attention, so it would seem, and take only those things that others like them. She likes shopping, haircuts, expensive items and gifts, but can not overdo it. Leo is generous sign and usually it is not a problem to spend more money to someone surprised, somewhat aware, that this gift speaks about his status. This Venus evaluated competent people, active, moving and courageous. Observes someone else’s creativity, sense of tumors, style of dress and behavior, as well as etiquette, education and freedom of expression.

Venus in Leo might be interested in fashion, jewelry, makeup, dancing, drawing. Such things relax and peace in them. When you feel rejected or unloved usually entails, seeking peace in itself. Her loyalty is extremely important and believes that the love of both partners equally grade equal relationship. Here the position of the sun to define further interest Venere.

Known Venus in Leo: Michael Jackson, Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Monica Bellucci, Tom Cruise, Pamela Anderson, Selena Gomez, Whitney Houston, Sylvester Stallone, Coco Chanel, Alfred Hitchcock, Greta Garbo