Venus in Libra-It has a pure heart and stroke! He likes the finer things, beautiful clothes itself is very chic …..

Venus in Libra is a beautiful woman with artistic talent. She’s a lady, cultural and has style. It has a pure heart and stroke. He likes the finer things, beautiful clothes itself is very stylish. He does not like the vulgar, is not a bad word. Avoids Sukova and hates bad taste. Is kind, considerate and very charming. Flirtatious vamp and is obsessed with her appearance .. Almost always listen to music, dedicate a lot of attention to their looks and skin. He loves to talk about her beauty. It is beautiful, perfect complexion and harmoniously built. Social is a favorite in society. Always watch what they’re talking about and never almost no debate. She is ready to compromise. Regarding seeks companionship and intellectual stimulation, because her own sensuality is not enough. In public places in a man requires a smooth and decent behavior. She is a lawyer, artist, model or engage in public affairs and politics.

Venus retrograde in Libra Love is divine. Not sure what he wants. Trying to meet the other or does not establish connections with others. Selfish and confirming themselves through relationships. Homosexual relationships.

A man with Venus in Libra he insists on harmony in the relationship and idealistic in love. Seeking a nice woman who’s a real lady metered behavior. Since it is expected that refined and sophisticated. In this connection it is important honesty and trust. His love is very important, so that are seldom without a partner. He is ready to compromise in love. He hates uncultured and ugly women. Respected marriage. He was not particularly passionate and love him is not particularly necessary for marriage and often love is married. Is there a need for connectivity based on equality and cooperation. Often links assembled in a public place, concert or exhibition. He likes flirtatious seductress.

How to attract a man with Venus in Libra? Perfectly našminkajte and get dressed elegantly. Coiffure make it fluffy. Act like a lady, be refined and measured behavior. Be honest and do not “act out” because it will see you through. Do not get into a discussion with him and do not curse. Talk about art, exhibitions, concerts and even poltici.