Venus in Libra-Venus by zodiac signs

People with Venus in Libra are very charming and good-looking. They may have problems with weight, sweets, test. They need to be honest to everyone, but also to maintain a friendly relationship. Respect manners, good manners and tact. Looking for partners who are free and flexible, but somewhat conservative and traditional. They are very good in marketing and presenting what they love.

These people are usually happy, optimistic and soft facial features, a beautiful smile and charismatic. Their style of dress is elegant and earthy colors, specific to the position of Venus in the birth chart may dominate the color yellow, orange and blue. In dysfunctional manifestation, in relationships with others may be superficial, prone to excessive tactics and objectivity.

When you are injured by other people can be very ironic and passive-aggressive. They have a tendency to constantly defend and assert their status, appearance or intelligence, it used to work through the jokes that refer to your account. Will happen to them and that delaying things, but mostly those that are not related to them. This type of Venus loves luxury, flowers, perfumes and handbags. He has a knack for getting dressed and usually is because observed. As an air sign, this Venus enjoys debate and exchange of ideas, can be a very rational and objective when a decision should be made. Love is seen as union with another person. Her family comes first, and create harmony in the same.

Values ​​honesty, objectivity and fairness. People with Venus in Libra love to situations and experiences that can be assertive, active and initiators of some events, but it may be that they do not finish things until the end, to lose interest or become too competitive category. Bit their balance, peace and free time for hobbies.

Known with Venus in Libra: Pablo Picasso, Bill Clinton, Beyonce, Will Smith, Sean Connery, Woody Allen, Richard Gere, Charlie Sheen, Claudia Schiffer, Aleister Crowley, Liz Greene, Albert Camus, Oscar Wilde, Kobe Bryant, Lisa Bonet