Venus in Pisces-dreaming about true love, looking for love and tenderness and lives for love ….

Venus in Pisces is a woman of exotic beauty, seductive, beautiful surreal and dreamy eyes hidden secret. No one can resist. Romantic and quiet, feminine, ready to sacrifice himself for others. She looks for “Prince Charming” – the ideal person and therefore disappoints. He dreams of true love, looking for love and tenderness and lives for love, because life without love for her does not make sense. She is an artist deals with the music, a photographer, a pharmacist, working in the hospital, the hotel, in the laboratory, at a gas station.

If Venus is badly aspektovanaonda is overly sentimental, unrealistic, too sensitive and dependent on others.

Retrograde Venus in Pisces is very lonely, very romantic, it’s hard to get close, get away from real emotions, difficult to realize love, spiritual and dedicated to serving others.

A man with Venus in Pisces falls into a secret affair, is unfaithful, loves seductress, gentle and romantic woman. Search ideal woman.

How to attract a man with Venus in Pisces? Beautifully našminkajte, highlight the eye to act “feline”. On the woman loves beautiful shoes, socks and underwear beautiful but be careful what you put on yourself. Wear clothes thin and transparent materials. Have a conversation about art and music. Do not be noisy and not immediately reveal everything about yourself, but be mysterious and unfathomable, because Venus in Pisces is a woman with a secret. Be the girl of his dreams we dream.