Venus in Pisces: In the next three weeks you have a great chance to fall in love

Enhanced sensitivity and instinct for romance will be present in the future. There is the possibility of self-deception, but also some secret links. Also, this may mean that you travel far for love, or for fun, as when.

The Venus and the biggest bully can make the ‘poodle’ ‘. Men will search for the girl of your dreams and even that of the poor thing in his visions idealize it to the limit. Women will be prone to falling in love, perhaps the colleague who sits next to her, who until recently did not notice.

We will look for emotion, and emotion to us to find.

This period may start some deep emotional stories. Loving song and music. We’ll get some elan inexplicable proportions. A walk in the moonlight, good wine, light melodies near water. Exceptional timing for love and seduction.

This position allows you to easily win the heart of those whom we choose, because we have not chosen accidentally.

Left to the dreams and those real, but also those in the know. Write you a love note, put it in a bottle and leave it down the drain. Strive to believe that there will be a real owner. This is a game Amelie Poulain. But this is your game, and you’re making scenario.

Iskoristmo this momanat beautiful vibrations and good energy.