Venus in Pisces Venus-per zodiac signs

Venus in Pisces is in love with love. Prone to idealization of love and the concept of life is very important for these people. These people are very compassionate, romantic, dedicated to other people, but also creative, curious and imaginative. Extremely appreciated and respected male characters attention, seek partners who are also strong, but also romantic.

In the harmonious manifestation of these people can be real visionaries with extraordinary talents, such as clairvoyance, energy healing and the like. They may be interested in spirituality, faith, esoteric, reincarnation, and alternative medicine, meditation and acupressure. People with Venus in Pisces are prone to idealization partner and usually see only what they wanted to see, in this respect can sometimes be unrealistic, somewhat detached from everyday life situations and in their world.

In love, love the support and assistance, but also a lot of understanding. In dysfunctional manifestation of this position of Venus brings shyness, anxiety, illusions, fantasy, irrational beliefs in connection with their partner, loved ones and family. A person can be a bit too focused on what she likes to completely ignores the needs of their families. In love becomes a victim and is prone to blaming partners. It may seem passive, absent and impractical. It may have challenges in primary relationships, especially when it comes to excessive attachment to the partner or the decisions that he makes. Unconditional love can become unconditional obedience to the orders of others.

In a harmonious sense these are people of great talent, starting with drawing, playing, dancing, to crochet, knitting, sewing. It is important that people with Venus in Pisces only have their own space and time in which it will be dedicated to themselves, not others. Not everyone love to be a victim, not the least to himself.

Known Venus in Pisces: Mrtin Luther King, Michelle Obama, Kurt Cobain, Emma Watson, Orlando Bloom, Celine Dion, Vincent van Gogh, Victoria Beckham, John Travolta, Victor Hugo, Johann Sebastian Bach, Edgar Allan Poe, Ronald Regan