Venus in Sagittarius -Intelektualka constantly traveling somewhere, learn and explore …. sincere and without prejudice ….

Venus in STRELCUje independent woman who loves freedom and does not like to be hampered. She is lively, social, and always surrounded by people, and with a smile on his face. She enjoys learning and knowledge. It is idealistic, optimistic, open and spontaneous. He likes to walk around the house Golic. It is a moral and honest. Intellectual, constantly traveling somewhere, learn and explore. Honest and unbiased. Religious and is not possessive. He loves the freedom and ornate art exaggerated colors and in the house of her government ostentatious royal atmosphere. Attracting the Outdoor Sports such as horseback riding, skiing and travel to distant places. She’s a flight attendant, guide, model, athlete, geographer, professor, lawyer, sports coach, highly educated, but can also be a stripper.

Venus retrograde in Sagittarius – Is there a greater need for freedom than for intimacy. Going from one to the other connections and difficult to establish close contact. This is a difficult position for marriage. It is pompous, neglecting what he has to gain that elusive something.

Men with Venus in Sagittarius likes blondes with long legs, foreigners or women who look exotic. The charity is a direct and open. He likes women modeling appearance, intelligent, educated, liberal-minded women. Adventurers and falls into a love affair. In connection requires a lot of freedom and not tied deeply to your partner, because it has a need for change. It’s hard to settle down in a relationship. Heavier free romantic relationships and marriage in the late going. She does not hide emotions and be in a relationship to feel the spiritual and intellectual stimulant. His relationships are transitory and impermanent. Love affairs are often develops on long journeys abroad at the college or sports fields.

How to attract a man with Venus in Sagittarius? It would be desirable that you’re blonde. Put on your mini skirt or shorts, because he likes to look at long leg. Be honest and open. If you are studying talk about it, about journeys to impose his intelligence. Do not get attached to it and a lot of phone calls to him, as if to escape, leave him a false sense of freedom. Be cheerful and smiling.