Venus in Sagittarius-manifested their needs through sports, travel, research!

Venus entered the sign of Sagittarius, until the twelfth degree of Sagittarius will peregrinirana, and after that will be in his time. As Venus is the symbol of human need for connection and empathy, in Sagittarius it manifested their needs through sports, travel, research.

Srelac is fiery and changeable character, but will this Venus seek out those partners who are energetic, ready for action, travel. In love aspires to freedom and understanding, but it requires a change. This type of Venus does not like the established patterns of behavior, it is generally optimistic, likes to have fun and often look younger than it is. If it is a night birth, and Venus the levers of 1-12, then the emotional potential and a person’s ability to love depends on the position of Jupiter, he describes the value system which tends to Venus in Sagittarius.

Such Venus makes one square to Neptune which can make detection of secret or fraud that have previously occurred. The moon is also in opposition to Saturn and will provide care and uncertainties, most Gemini and Sagittarius, Capricorn let pay attention to the emotional and partnerships and people that enter the conflict. Shooters shall pay attention to the enemies that the secret itself created by inadequate means of expression. Saturn in Sagittarius sets limits that correspond to him, discipline that varies from situation to situation, and as such can bring business disagreements.

The opposition and Saturn and the moon brings melancholy, discontent, exaggeration, overeating, but also headaches, poor concentration, poor communication, strife, gossip and the like, which is behind the shooter and the twins can manifest at work, with friends or partners. At some point, these signs may feel the need to seek a way out of the problem, seeking the support of friends or excessive consumption, spending money …

Scales on the other hand can feel the relief and support of female family members or colleagues. In the next period will be focused on social activities, art and travel or writing. Will solve business problems and conflicts with partners. Can I get financial support from banks or help other people and quite unexpected. Many of the projects initiated during this period bring durability and good results.