Venus in Sagittarius Venus-per zodiac signs

This position of Venus is about easy and fast falling in love, attraction of what is new and different. This glorification of Venus is inclined traits of other people, whether it be the author or her partner. It will continue to be so tied to the ideal image of a person to almost forget that someone may have disadvantages, but it is for Venus in Sagittarius disappointing.

He loves and respects the people who give it space and freedom of expression and personal interests, is able to provide the same to your partner, free of jealousy and suspicion. However, it may be that people with this Venus attracted to such links which will not miss it, freedom. People with Venus in Sagittarius is easy to recover from the challenges in primary relationships, try to make everything in life as a way of viewing experiences and to learn from it.

Here it’s all about experience, development of education as the main value of this position, this person strives, to evaluate, search and desires in all areas, and especially love. Usually liberal views and relaxed attitude, this person will remain friends with their partners. These people tend to be wise, optimistic, logical, honest and principled. They love the study of unknown culture, history.

In dysfunctional manifestation of this Venus can be very focused only on their own definition of freedom, interested in your free time, your friends, but not your partner. The other extreme is that it may be too tied to other people, all the while building the image that they want to see. When you make a mistake or when you suspect that it is not loved or respected, can be very arrogant, tactical and distrustful. May be prone to moralizing in which things do not follow the work, nor its beliefs and values. Venus in Sagittarius love lives through diversity. Each partner will be the ideal, and unique in its own way ,, soul mate. ”

Known Venus in Sagittarius: Christina Aguilera, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Tina Turner, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Jane Fonda, Kim Basinger, Jimmy Page, Rita Ora, Deepak Chopra, Mark Twain