Venus in Scorpio-possessive and jealous and vindictive when the station is released and deceived …..

Venus in Scorpio is mysterious and mysterious woman. Fatally attractive, even when there has attractive charisma. Mesmerizing view of speakers and promises “stormy” night. When making love takes all the male energy. Access to sin without fear. Possessive and jealous and vindictive station when he betrayed and deceived. She is interested in the occult arts and prophetic dreams. In life she is an important sex and money, especially other people’s. Inherited jewelry. Cleverly kept his, and reveals the secrets of others. It is rare to whom is entrusted and there are few people who know each other well. It must feel passion in everything he does. Is demanding, manipulative, arbitrary and brusque. Pervasive is, knows what she wants and how to get it. She dressed provocatively and sexy. She is a brave woman who works in the police, army, gynecologist, surgeon, psychiatrist or engage in shady dealings and prostitution. The connection is entered whole, but can become a slave connection and can be obsessed with a partner. Without passion she feels dead. He fought a very passionate connection that is exhausting. The relationship of love between love and hate. Her finances and intimacy are wrapped in a veil of secrecy. If badly aspected to the femme fatale, who is preoccupied with sex and their sex appeal used to gain power over others, to dominate or control connections.

Venus retrograde in Scorpio can never feel fulfilled. It’s hard to emotionally bind to another person, because they do not allow others to wounds because of past experience.

A man with Venus in Scorpio is a deceiver, who resented women. A woman who surrendered or deceit begins to hate her and she wants revenge. Grub is passionate and strong sexuality. When you give this to the maximum, and it asks the partner. It is often unreasonably jealous. The charity wants proof, intensity and commitment. Going to the “all or nothing”. Deep and passionate emotions expressed intense. For him, a woman may not be beautiful, but it must have the charisma that will attract him. Engages in love affairs often in some dangerous or risky situations. With him are the links dramatic and sometimes tragic. If Venus is in Scorpio badly aspected is perverse, bisksualan tyrant in touch and manipulator.

How to attract a man with Venus in Scorpio? It would be good if you are a brunette. Put on a sexy black clothes so that cleavage and emphasize the volume of black fishnet stockings. Do not be passive and show your weaknesses, because he despises weakness and power prices. Be mysterious and unfathomable, and do not talk much about himself. Look at him defiantly straight in the eye, and on you.