Venus in Scorpio Venus-per zodiac signs

With this position, Venus is again under the influence of Mars, some would add, and Pluto, as a modern ruler of Scorpio. What is interesting for this Venus is what love looks like an eternal mystery, research, dilemma, doubt, transformation, and life as death, love for Venus in Scorpio combination of passion, suffering, games and flirting, giving and taking, and so until she eventually get bored. She loves to explore partners, love is for her a puzzle and as long as unsolvable, it is easier for her to maintain the interest in her.

Respect the commitment and willingness of partners to žrvtuje for love and family, alone will not always make the move. He can be fair only when it is absolutely certain that the partner passed all the tests, as well as her friends. It can be interesting and esoteric study of human motives and intentions, as well as human sexuality. Previous to her privacy. In dysfunctional expression can be very possessive, controlling and distrustful, will be willing to risk even though she can to complicate emotional relations.

It is always looking for new and somewhat unusual experiences. Suffering is seen as a form of transformation, not her hard to suffer until there is inexplicable why this is happening. As a water sign has the ability to predict longer the behavior of others in the environment, it is instinctive, intuitive, nurturing and protective when it comes to her personal space. In love and friendship tends not to reveal everything about yourself. This position of Venus in Scorpio reveals the inflexibility of the needs of others, because they can operate and destructive conflict, especially if someone threatens their family, leisure time, partner.

With the tendency of jealous behavior will happen to these people do not show such a feature directly and publicly, but are ready to chosen a flirt. This Venus will not like the sudden change, a partner expects emphasized the spiritual side, and striking physical appearance. Partner must be a protector, but also her biggest fan.

Known Venus in Scorpio: Leonardo Di Caprio, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Bill Gates, Jim Morrison, Demi Moore, Bruce Lee, Matt Damon, Winona Ryder, Steven Spielberg, Meg Ryan, Steven Arroyo