Venus in Taurus-She loves music and art … often has a beautiful, deep voice and sings well ….

Venus in Taurus is a woman hedonist, who enjoys food, drink and pleasure. She favors quality over quantity. They are very important to her material things. Ceni luxury and beautiful things, and loves nature .This is a beautiful woman with curves, big eyes, sensual lips and curly hair. Emotional is seductive, stable and durable. Loves sweets so easy to gain weight. Seeking a wealthy partner. The sensual, sensual and has a personal magnetism. She loves music and art. Often has a beautiful, deep voice and sings well. Wearing fine jewelry and high quality clothing. She believes in love. When the likes giving up completely. Aware of its value. She is cuddly and sweet, no one can resist her. Cooking she’s good at, but it is a bit lazy. It deals with the economy, works in a bank, the artist, singer or working in the flower shop and store.

Retrograde Venus in Taurus has an insatiable need for love, no matter how much she loved that feeling is not enough. The youth was shy, but in old age is withdrawn. implement life believing in non-existent and unachievable connection. Expectations of the opposite sex are unrealistic. He wants to attract others, but at the same time afraid. If badly aspected is a materialist.

A man with Venus in Taurus is sensual and a good lover. Weight stable relationship and sex is very important to him. Feelings expressed physically: touch and kisses, and love does not state already shows gifts. An important challenge is the physical appearance of women, and it must be beautiful. He’s jealous and possessive love. The persistent feeling. He prefers to attract rather than “chasing” potential partners. Attracted by the beautiful and sleek women.

HOW TO ATTRACT man with Venus in Taurus? Have a good tune, emphasize lips sensual act and highlight the eyes. Put on quality clothing and put fine jewelry. Ukovrdžajte hair and let it fall freely. Do not be an independent woman, because he patrijarkhalan and conservative. Glory be passive and cuddly. The meeting was arranged in the best restaurant because it is the food and drink easiest to win. Talk about art, music and economics.