Venus in Taurus-Venus by zodiac signs

Venus in Taurus loves and respects the security and constancy, valued convenience and loyalty in relationships. He can be conservative, adhering to socially desirable behavior patterns. He does not like to jeopardize its reputation and undermines peace itself. It is very valuable and responsible. He does not like changes in the amorous relationship, likes unexpected situations that in some way make up unprepared.

She likes to be warned, even if the visiting team is concerned. It is very sensual, loves nature and natural cosmetics, makeup, cream. Previous to her form and structure, because it is easier to cope in a well-known, but the unknown. He admires people who are stable, brusque, powerful and successful, who are mentally strong and that can withstand difficult life situations. Appreciates in people when they are reliable, quiet, loyal and successful, particularly appreciated the hard work and dedication. He can be obsessive, prone to materialize and emotine connection. This would mean that the person who wins something, it considers its own and is ready to defend it.

No conflict, nor too direct, her tact comes from dolsednosti that implements ready for months while some do not change behavior. He can be a real hedonist. May have problems with nutrition, they often exaggerate with one type of food, either too sweet or salty. Excessive caution in business situations she can do more harm than good, especially in those situations where the required speed, flexibility and directness. As the Taurus relates to the throat and vocal cords, the position of Venus can give a talent for singing or playing an instrument.

Known Venus in Taurus: Johnny Depp, Adolf Hitler, Leonardo da Vinci, Lana Del Rey, Marlon Brando, Jessica Alba, Charlie Chaplin, Salvador Dali, Novak Djokovic, Jackie Chan