Venus in Virgo-focus will be on our daily lives, at work or the regulation of private space!

In the next three and a half weeks, we will be more susceptible to rational understanding of emotions, since Virgo variable modalities and earth elements, we will be more flexible requirements of partners and the people with whom we work, which was not the case with Venus in Leo. Also, we will be and the more cautious in expressing emotions, Dosing, if necessary, and of course the person.

The focus will be on our daily lives, at work or the regulation of private space. For all Device advice to decorate your space with flowers, because as earthy element love nature. For all other signs also advise you to stay more in the nature, because Venus in Virgo is just that, a love of nature.

What is romantic love is concerned, it is necessary sometimes to let go, not only rationalized. This Venus in Virgo is the type of woman that when planning to go to a meeting and when to show emotion. Although it is sometimes good, so much tact may disturb your partner how much is good for business, not so much for love.

Venus in Virgo is also a love of work, their children, animals and everyday obligations. While we have Venus in Leo praised his own ego, this Venus glorify life in general. This is followed by Venus in Libra, which will be our introduction to romantic love.

Until then očupajte pot, pour the flowers, clean the room, say hello to your neighbor, because Venus in Virgo is focused on everyday things and details that make life.