Venus in Virgo-loving is restrained and feelings are under scrutiny …. It draws its purity ….

Venus in Virgo is worthy and decent woman, who does not really stand out themselves. It is not a classic beauty and not particularly feminine. Puno criticize, much keeps to neatness and does not tolerate disorder. It is a modest, shy, insecure and discreet. It is full of matter and caring for others. The love is restrained and feelings are under scrutiny. Attracted by its purity. There are problems with the conclusion of the connection and emotionally unavailable, and the love shown by helpful to others. The emotions expressed by modest and shy. Controls partners and calculations in love. It’s hard to relax and surrender pleasures. Can remain spinsters and lonely. Suffers from sexual taboos. Too analyze emotions and feels unloved. She works as a designer, nutritionist, nurse, doctor, veterinarian, chemist, herbalist, to providing services, pharmacist, technician, lecturer, critic, professor of language. If Venus is afflicted with malefic she is sick, promiscuous, sloppy and crude behavior. It will never destroy another person’s marriage, but only your prospects.

Venus retrograde in Virgo looks for ideal love. Not satisfied with themselves, not others. Continuous analyzes and is not able to vote.

A man with Venus in Virgo looks for a partner with which to share their work and intellectual interests. There are too many great standards in terms of partners and is often alone. Often falls into relationships with associates from work and to the side. Emotionally unavailable and never gives in love more than you receive. There are often problematic love life and suffers from sexual taboos. He likes the cold and is afraid to surrender to emotions. Gives Love ,, spoon “, and it does not now expect some excessive outbursts ljubavi.Previše elected, a little give. Shyness of these people does not allow them to demonstrate their osećanja.Voli intelligent woman with a beautiful stomach.

How to attract a man with Venus in Virgo? Get dressed simply in a business or gray clothes like going to a job interview. Not accidentally DO NOT wear a miniskirt or emphasize cleavage, as this will have the opposite effect. Try not to stand apart and do not turn attention to themselves. Hairstyles should be neat. Show him that you are intellectually mature enough and analyze everything.