Venus is the goddess of beauty and love, it is a true embodiment of all walks of life …..

Venus is the goddess of beauty and love, it is a true embodiment of all areas of life that are related to beauty, concern the attractiveness, holding, art, and even love. Venus is the ruling planet of zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra.

Venus is fertile and productive female planet of passion and enjoyment. People ruled by this planet are primarily social. They are inclined to the arts in general, and easy for long. Basically they have a good temper. Venus among other things, a sense of touch.

Characteristics of Venus: Love, artistic, beautiful, good-natured, calm, mood, pure, delicate, elegant, erotic, female, flirting, frivolous, fertile, friendly, gracious, immodest, immoral, exaggerated, kind.

Occupations: Artist, designer, beautician, entertainer, florist, gardener, hotel manager, jeweler, musician, opera singer, Taylor, pozoriši worker, vocal soloists.

“Little luck ‘. In the sign remains one month a year. Government human emotions. Concerned about the beautiful life. He loves to be loved. This is the planet of love, beauty, gentleness. Gives witty people. Retrograde Venus means a shy person who does not know how to show affection. They have an immature approach to love.

COLOR: pastel shades of yellow, blue, turquoise.

METAL: copper.


PLANT: rose.

DAN: Friday.

Venus in astrology associated with love, beauty, pleasure, seduction, art, harmony and harmony. Venus symbolizes your love tendencies, describes the quality of your love life, ways to express their feelings and aspirations to beauty and art. Venus sensory part of the figures in the man pertaining to the sentiments, desires, passion, sex, or, also, Venus indicates a way in which to treat the material values ​​(of money). It is the second planet from the Sun and brighter than almost any other in the sky.

The planet Venus from time immemorial has captivated the attention of all who had the opportunity to enjoy its splendor. With the Sun, as the ruler of the day, and the moon, as the ruler of the night, it is always allocated the special role of the heavenly pantheon. As in the past, people have tended to associate different gods planets, similar to happened with Venus. Its present name, like the names of the other planets, comes from Roman mythology, while a Greek named Aphrodite. If we go further back in time, we can find the Babylonian Ishtar, the Sumerian Inana and Ugarit Astarte. All these were symbols of the goddess of beauty, love, sexuality and fertility. It is obvious that within all these ancient civilizations look at the brightest planet of the solar system caused the same feelings.

If you are at Venus in Aries, you are prone to impulsive receiving and giving, where after a very short time to forget the present. People with Venus in Taurus in relationships are always focused on what provides the sensory pleasures. They will cheer the most comfortable clothing or chocolate. Venus in Gemini is focused on receiving and sharing ideas, while in Cancer has a great need for emotional connection. When a person with Venus in Leo have received or given, it should be something very important and special. Completely different situation is with Venus in Virgo. This earth sign, it becomes very humble and focused on mutual help in practical everyday things.

For Venus in Libra gives everything and receives must be labeled in this style. She is happiest when receiving and giving turns one after the other. People with Venus in Scorpio tend to exaggerate. For them there is simply no mean value. Or are possessive and stingy, or other dramatic stifle their emotions. When Venus in Sagittarius love is tinged with philosophical and spiritual tones in general.

People with Venus in Capricorn pay much attention to social rules of behavior. They will feel a closeness to those who due to some quality considered worthy enough. Venus in Aquarius, unlike those in Capricorn, do not respect any restrictions when creating closer links. It is left to instinct and connects to the unexpected and unusual way. People with Venus in Pisces are prone to extreme behavior. When you are in a trance, without hesitation give everything they have, but they are equally capable and without remorse parasites on other people’s resources.