Venus-Love is eternal, indestructible. Love is the force that constantly drives the soul to seek each other ….

Venus is the planet that talk about love, balance, harmony. Captivates with its beauty, umetnostšću, consumption and balance between seemingly irreconcilable opposites. Venus maintains the balance between fire and water, day and night, men and women. Venus contains aspects of both male and female. Venus creates life. Leads us to overcome the limitations and differences that exist between the sexes. It unites us in love.

Venus can be recognized in those quiet moments when words are not necessary. It only looks to the soul recognized. Love at first sight. Since love is all created in love and all is returned.

Love is eternal, indestructible. Love is the force that constantly drives the soul to seek each other. Without these forces none of us is complete. Without love we feel that we are missing a part of things. That’s why we’re looking for, and as long as we do not force passion to burn. I will jump into the flames, we’ll forget when we’ll burn in her bosom.

Venus we will never impose conditions, she wants to make us happy. He wants us to become like the wizard and to create miracles in your life, because she knows that anything is possible. However, it carries with it some risk. It is not in her nature to be dangerous or that misleads us illusion. It is dangerous only when we are able to understand the nature of Venus in the right way. It only gives us what we want.

Glamor and empty glow while hiding under makeup blank being that requires attention, is one of the traps that people are subject. Venus teaches us that beauty is within us and that we are the light of your own being seems nice. Jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, hairstyles, perfumes do not mean anything if we do not see in his eyes a spark of light. Venus teaches us exactly that. She does not want to take away the pleasures, she wants to enjoy all your being. However, it is necessary to know where the real beauty is.

Venus teaches us that there is a thin line between beauty and the beast if the fire is not lambent inner being.

Low sexuality based on satisfying lust is another of the traps. Glad to physical, hunger for satisfaction of instinct based on physical attraction disappears once the urge meet. For him there is only emptiness and the eternal quest that can never be satisfied.

Venus draws our attention to the great importance in our life has a sexuality, but it must be understood in the right way. Venus is a moment of orgasm in which we all begin, and that is the very essence of life. We got the gift of a magnificent gift that gives us freedom. Sexuality is to be what you are, live what you feel inside. As soon as there are fears, complexes and insecurities regarding sexuality, people were largely cut off from the core of their own being.

Sexuality is based on pairs of opposites male and female, anima and animus. Afraid of his pair opposites is a major problem today. Men have a big problem of the acceptance of the female aspect of his personality, while women on the other hand, often become victims of violence and coarse men without realizing that they have a problem with the male part of his personality. Even with both groups there is a problem in the integration of its pair of opposites.

The men from the fear of the feminine aspect of his personality create rules and laws created by the state government at the head of government, wars, and women disappear in the vanity of their beauty transforming into a beast. The consciousness and subconscious are not integrated in a mature individual, causing seemingly insurmountable obstacles which today govern between men and women.

Maturity involves a deep understanding of these two fundamental forces that create life, in which they exceed, or are becoming aware and become an integral part of each of us.

Sex leads us to overcome the limits of our own bodies and the division into male and female, this is the moment when we become one. So much wisdom we can transfer Venus, only if we are willing to listen to and understand the correct way.

Many people easily, but very subtly fall into the trap of sensual pleasures. It does not matter whether it comes to food, drink, sexual or any other form of sensory pleasures. Then attach to the object of his pleasure and become dependent. This is a great danger because at that time losing his own freedom. In order to obtain the object of their aspirations, people often do virtually everything a well we know what can happen when someone wants something at any cost.

This is exactly the reason why people are afraid of Venus. They are afraid that they will be seduced against their will. Will secretly love Venus, but will at the same time afraid. In fact, they are afraid that they will not be able to control their own instincts and desires. Venus was there to meet us fulfill wishes. Why then would anyone afraid?

Venus will not invite us to enjoy the illusion that it actually intends to show us what is illusion and what is true. Venus wants to be free, not tied. That is why we need to understand the pairs of opposites that permeate the entire nature, and one of the most important relationship is the relationship between men and women whom we are so committed to teaching Venus.