Venus reveals that love ….. Look for the sign in which Venus in your birth chart!

Depending on the position in the zodiac signs Venus symbolizes the different ways of understanding and expressing love. Within astrology is considered to be the planet’s most powerful and most harmonious manifested in the signs of Taurus, Libra and Aries. The first two represent the area of ​​Venus rulership, while Fish place its strongest expression. At least aligned with the nature of Venus are the signs of Aries, Scorpio and Virgo. Here’s the planet faces a number of limitations in its spontaneous expression. Venus in these signs encourage us to implement profound inner transformation that is necessary for the establishment of harmonious relationships with other people. Look for the sign in which Venus in your birth chart and find out how it works on your love life.

Venus in Aries – passionate love, short intense emotions, the need for conquest.
In Taurus – natural sensuality, great dedication partner, enjoying close physical contact.
The Gemini – the connection of love and communication, unstable emotions, enjoy flirting.
In the air – romantic love, the search for emotional safety in relationships, the need for a peaceful and stable relations.
In Leo – pomposity in love, we want to partner with which to be proud, enjoy the love games.
The Virgin – practical love, the tendency to helping partner, reliability and modesty in relations.
In Libra – equality in love, a very strong need for harmonious relations, rules of conduct in this regard.
In Scorpio – a deep passion, strong sexuality, love as an inner transformation.
The shooter – romantic idealism, linking very different partners, love as spirituality.
In Capricorn – lasting love relationship is approached in a serious manner, reliability and loyalty.
The Aquarius – an unconventional love, the search for freedom in relationships, the principle of equal rights.
In Pisces – transcendental love, partner commitment, sacrifice tendency in relationships.