Venus square Uranus There is a need to do something new!

Venus enters the exact square to Uranus and how this aspect of tensions, conflicts will be given to emotional relationships. Neither relationships with friends will not be satisfactory. The point is that Uranus is quite fluid and rebellious nature, does not recognize anything arranged, standard, does not recognize the rules. On the other hand, Venus is important to connect with people, to be loved, accepted and in harmony with the environment.

Square these two natures will bring conflicts of interest both planets, it will be manifested through emotional inhibition, aggressiveness, exaggerated, excessive need for freedom, lack of understanding of others’ needs, rapid decisions regarding business, ideas, love, and uncertainties related to the effects of these decision.

There is a need to do something new, it is just for a moment alter the established pattern of behavior, but it works in a rough, disinterested and socially unacceptable way. Venus is in this aspect of the cold, is not interested in other people, or touch her Uranus gives charm, charisma and magnetism.

With regard to the letters that are in the square, Aries and Capricorn, conflicts may concern money, business, organization, especially the structure and discipline. Partners do not behave as we would like but we will contact Uranus decisions towards correcting these behaviors. We desire to be loved, but we do not have the patience. Here Venus is getting nervous, passive, disorganized, while Uranus becomes eccentric, dangerous and treacherous. In this aspect of the rules imposed on, or are not accepted.

This aspect is a strong and independent woman, a little stubborn, but business, women with vision and energy that does not know how best to express. Although the square in question, this is an aspect of art and innovation, but a person with this aspect will never be fully satisfied with their ideas and creations will always look for something new and something different, because as soon as it becomes known and begins to steady the nerves. So these days we kick routine in all fields …

This aspect in the natal chart, square Venus in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries had a giant Elvis Presley. There are many stories about his love life, starting with the fact that he had an extremely close relationship with his mother, to the fact that he had a fear of sexual relations, for fear of sexually transmitted diseases.

Venus in Capricorn is affected by Saturn, which often gives the limits of love, whether it be fear of binding or pleasure. On the other hand the same aspect gave him charisma, artistic talent and highly original exterior and energy, the evidence for this is Venus as dispositor its life energy, Mars in Libra.

Originality and uniqueness of his appearance, behavior, personality and performance have become the symbol of an era and musical epoch.