Venus, the Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius in the squares to Neptune, expect disappointment!

Venus, the Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius in the squares to Neptune, expect disappointment, resentment, loneliness, insecurity, the need to escape from reality. It occurs or extreme dissatisfaction or excessive optimism. Try to find a balance results in a loss of energy and passivity.

You may encounter some health problems, such as problems with skin, kidney, muscle and the like. After the New Moon in Scorpio, where we had an extremely strong and heavy energy now going into conjunction with severe malefic, Saturn. The sign of Sagittarius in these cases can bring passivity, fleeing from conflict, passive-aggressive behavior, excessive attention to the situation appear better than they are. But square to Neptune brings discovering the truth no matter how painful it was.

It is possible that what we just intuitively sensed the young moon now, we have openly admitted himself, either personally or simply dissatisfaction vulnerability. Mars, our ego is also square to Uranus, but simply waiting with whom they enter into conflict and how Capricorn is concerned, these conflicts are still due to personal interest or distort one’s social status. It is an attempt of the ego to build a reputation of pride, discipline and control. Internally, however, is different, because it is under fire sign of Sagittarius and variable modalities difficult to maintain control and impartiality.

Touch the Month Saturn regularly brings melancholy and alienation, lack of love and often excessive need to establish control over emotions. As the conjunction of Saturn and the Moon is very strong, because the moon moves toward Saturn to the exact aspect, one more reason to tensions rise during the day. Moon will make an aspect with Uranus so it can happen a variety of emotional explosion that can be healing.

On the other hand contact of Venus with Saturn brings a lack of enjoyment, inability to connect with others, to feel the closeness and warmth, especially in intimate relationships. This aspect brings Venus excessive independence and sexual disinterest. She wants to be loved, but I do not know how it wants, because it is not safe to love the most in my feminine principle.

This will be manifested to men and women because both have this principle in itself. It may be harder for men, considering the fact that women are more easily included in the mod Moon and easier to recognize dissatisfaction. It is necessary to avoid any kind of decision-making during the conflict, or to avoid conflicts, or decision. On these aspects shall pay attention shooters, Gemini, Pisces and Virgo.