Venus trine Saturn-hormones to go wild conjunction with energy!

Saturn again but now in trine with Venus in Aries. Moždaće be less mood and energy (the Sun square Saturn), but because of love will not miss. And not just any love (Venus), but those responsible (Saturn), and all this in the fire signs Aries and Sagittarius … so there is no passion will not miss. INEC in both day and Monday and Tuesday and we will continue to have a strong konjuciju Venus and Mars. On Monday, the Venus and Mars 2 * 2 * Aries, Mars Tuesday at 3 * Aries, Venus 2 * !!! Actually this conjunction, we will have during the week. On Sunday Venus on Mars 10 * 7 * Aries … therefore permitted orb of operation remains very strong power !!!
Conjunction of Venus and Mars and Venus trine Saturn can work together a lot. Hormones will run amok with power conjunction, Saturn is here to be a little chill. Not everything in love and sex, and there is something in cash, material conditions … With these aspects of the finance something better and more stable. Stable and other relationships, not only ljubavni..Sa this aspect more responsibility, reality, and reservations. Here is expressed the sense of loyalty. This is a good time to socialize with older people, with the “old” friends, old love. It is good for strengthening the existing emotional connection, if there was a problem this time is that the relationship becomes more stable, although with this aspect of the show feelings very restraint and moderation. Maybe you hear an old love, or you do something like “déjà vu”, I can to like the elderly, or you can woo the elderly, or anyone, where there is an obvious difference in age, financial status and the like. Connections started during this transit have the option of life. Here is a quality time spent at the old friendships, accompanied older and more experienced people. Transit is suitable for stable financial transactions, savings. On the part of the sense of reality, a sense of responsibility to someone else, loyalty, sobriety and fidelity to repeat …
Venus will be trine Saturn next year April 18, 2016 …. then Venus will be at 15 * Aries Saturn will be retrograde at 15 * protruding !!! It is interesting then that Venus and Mars will be quite far and will then be Mars in Sagittarius and in conjunction with Saturn !!! This information is for those who teach and study astrology !!! But for everyone else to remember if this current period to be compared with the period in April next year!