Victor Hugo-Founder of romanticism was born under the sign of Pisces

Victor Hugo was born on 02/26/1802. in the French city of Besancon. Igo has gained early literary fame that followed him throughout his long life. In the fifteenth year of his verses are noted and praised by most members of the French Academy, and already at eighteen was admitted as a member of the Academy of Toulouse. Njage fame grew and he’s emulation of the great names of French classicism moved to the original literary work. Igo was then performed as an open supporter of new romantic currents in literature. The famous preface to the play Cromwell is considered the manifesto of Romanticism. It requires that the new Igo literature is emotional, not rational, it operates the power of words and feelings, and not the prescribed form and stiff frame. Writers classicists have reacted fiercely and proudly, but romantic literature was already penetrated into the life and wavered young literary generation. The famous writer was true to his ideas to life. That was after his return to France, when the Parisian proletariat in 1871, computed with the bourgeoisie and the royalists. Advocated the humane treatment of captured revolutionaries after the defeat of the Paris Commune. And in the later years of life Igo was active in the literary work, creating new works and became the idol of the whole French people. In such glory has died at a ripe old age – in 1885. Igo is one of the biggest names in French cultural history. He managed to create a very extensive literary work and that it, in addition to most personal moods, expressions of universal human aspirations and ideals of his time. Therefore, this work is estimated as the most beautiful anthem of life and the human right to happiness and freedom.

“Man is the supreme creature.

The woman is the most wonderful ideal.

God created man for the throne;

For a woman altar.

Presto glory;

Holy altar.

Man’s mind.

The woman’s heart.

The mind creates light;

heart produces love.

Brightness fertilize;

Love revives.

The man is powerful due reason.

The woman is invincible thanks to tears.

Reason convinces;

Suze mercy.

Man is ready for any heroics.

A woman for all suffering.

Heroism ennobles;

Martyrium rises.

Man has supremacy.

Wife selection.

The superiority of force means;

The selection represents the law.

The man is a genius.

The woman is an angel.

A genius is neizmeriv;

Angel indescribable.

The tendency of man is the highest glory.

The tendency of women’s ultimate virtue.

Slava doing everything glory;

Virtue is doing everything divine.

The man code.

The woman is the gospel.

When repairs;

Gospel improved.

The man is thinking.

A woman dreams.

Contemplate means to have a head Lavra;

To dream means to have led a halo.

Man is the ocean.

The wife of the lake.

Ocean contains pearl mastics;

The lake is a song that impresses.

The man was an eagle in flight.

The woman is the nightingale that sings.

Flying area management means;

Singing means osvajiti soul.

Man is a temple.

The woman was sakrarijum.

Before the temple tip of the hat;

Before sakrarijumom kneel.

Man is where the land ends;

The woman where heaven begins. ”

Men and women – Victor Hugo