VIP AQUARIUS: Justin Timberlake, who deceives the Oedipus complex

Popular singer, actor and dancer won the hearts of many ladies of the jet set. Great success has been achieved globally popularity. This handsome young man is multitalented, but what about his life and his career mostly stars, discover you.

Justin Timberlake 31 January 1981. Memphis

Born under the sign of Aquarius, which is the future of ideas and innovation, with a Leo Ascendant destined for the throne and the spotlight, Justin’s the path already marked success.

The planet Uranus in the field of home and family, indicates that he lived without one parent (divorced). Also, Neptune with the Moon in the same field tells us that his mother had a big support support life, as well as its impact on his life very present even though it may not’m not aware of.

What stands out in terms of his career is the Venus (the planet of art), which gave him the talent, it is most pronounced dancers, because in the field of public stands Mercury – movement in Pisces – feet. From this arises and that the public perceives as the eternal little boy who entertains a wide public masses. Mercury in the same field VII – marriage, suggests that it will have more than one.

Moon in Sagittarius is not allowed to settle down next to a person, since the show business brings great challenges, he told them not to resist. Hence links with many famous divas.

Venus in Capricorn speaks to attract older women.

There will come a time when you will pull out of this world, but his adventurous spirit will keep indefinitely. Scandals will not go around, although Neptune to protect as much as possible keep your privacy and make your life an enigma to the public.

Not all reach the media, which is related to his personal life, so even if the stars say, but if they can be trusted …