VIP ASTRO: Kim Kardashian – fame, adultery and divorce

Do you have the ability to get out of thin media attention and unprovoked become a part of show business? Were you looked at the stars, you have a trump card and the possibility of a trip to the world of glamor?

Kim Kardashian, born 21.10.1980. in Los Angeles.

Libra with Sagittarius Ascendant this deceivers gave beauty but also curves which is a Sagittarius gifted. Neptune in Sagittarius gave her a very penetrating and mystic look. Moon in Pisces makes the sensual, but also emotional. This combination can indicate someone who is prone to adultery, because in Fish situation is never clear. Neptune in the first field indicates that likes to pose, but this position has had the legendary Marilyn Monroe.
Jupiter in X field usually leads to high social positions, but not Kim’s happiness is not bypassed.
Her field of marriage is in Gemini, indicating that he would not stay in one. Uranus with Mercury UVODIĆ in her married life turbulent events. Due to the influence of the Virgin in the area of ​​career, her interested in different things. Position of the Sun indicates that her influential friends to open paths to high business achievements.
Sphere of Finance is very questionable in this horoscope. It is possible that her financial status is often changed. What this horoscope stands out is that the field of professions in connection with the field of satisfaction. Kim his glove silhouette charisma and used in order to promote and achieve great success and the name of the world famous.