VIP ASTRO: Novak Djokovic – born to be first

We already wrote about astrological predisposition for success in the sport. Now you can take a look at the horoscope of the king of tennis.

Novak Djokovic, born 22.5.1987. in Belgrade

As a twin with Leo Ascendant, Novak Djokovic is already destined to be the first. This confirms the position of the Sun in the X field – field career. His position of Venus explains the popularity and great attention to the female audience.
Pluto in the sphere of the family indicates that draws great strength from your home and have a huge impact on the masses. With the position of the Moon in his horoscope, we shall conclude that it is very intuitive, but also to that during the life of all spend less time in their own country.
He will keep her youthful appearance and in later life.
The thing we focus Nole is what is expected in the coming period:
Jupiter sails and his field – personal ambitions and achievements. This causes some very favorable conditions, and it is certain that it will continue to pursue success and will retain the top spot in the rankings.
Transit of Venus indicates that it will have a reason for celebration and joy. This time will have a really serious motive, and the support of his wife, but at the same time there is a looming impurities nostalgia.
Mars as a warrior Novak will give a fascinating energy in the coming matches on the ground.
Great successes of the Serbian tennis player to achieve by 2016, and then will come the time summarizing the commission and possibly start a family business.
Unlike Roger Federer, Djokovic stars are favorable in the future.