VIP SCORER: Scarlett Johansson, gorgeous … or?

Overpriced beauty? Is the world of glamor not all that great? How many stars were in favor of Scarlett and which aspects seemed to support its glory, we reveal.

Scarlett Johansson 22 11 1984, New York

This ravishing beauty, with lush bust, was born under the sign of Sagittarius with the same ascendant. On her I gave these attributes. As stated in previous articles on the physiognomy of one character, here we have a typical representative of this. Broad forehead, large eyes and smaller faces.

Large and sails, Scarlett’s height raised much sun that is on the ascendant. Stellium – a lot of planets in the first field, tells us that this girl is facing itself and will not stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

Moon in XII field in Scorpio, will tell us that her emotional life is very hidden from the public eye. The same position is fueled by harsh Saturn, Scarlett reveals that his emotions very difficult to manifest. It may also mean that the feelings come from material values.
Field money once again confirms this theory. Her Venus evaporated staying here in Capricorn. Most of these natal chart says about a person who is severely materially-oriented and able to do much to make itself secure financial gain.
Is it behind the scenes just so gorgeous, Neptune we will not reveal the secret. It means one who wakes up next to her.