Virgin love profile (Astra)

People who are born under this sign should not be sought at the forefront, because Virgin is not the type of person who draws attention to himself his eccentric behavior, extravagant appearance and stage efektima.Tipična Virgo behaves very weighed, thoughtful, reserved and discreet.

Then, in the eyes of your surroundings Virgo knows that sometimes it works excessively strict or “uniformed”, but in each story is repeated classic rule: “hundreds of people to wonder,” so that on some lists or in the eyes of some people, the Virgin deserves the greatest compliments. A criteria to be taken into account when compiling the rankings – where the Virgin is one of the top are: safety, modesty, punctuality, regularity, confidence, regularity, wisdom, diplomacy and analytical skills. However, we should not forget that the psychological profile Device gives a person their emotions and passions kept under “strict control” of reason. So in their eyes people who have come to the fore boiling passions, uncontrolled enthusiasm and exaggerated romanticism and blind infatuation usually look – very irresponsible, childish and a bit silly. After all, in the depths of their beings, there is a need for understanding and perception or cognition, even when it comes to the subject of love or a loved being. Tell stories that love knows no laws of reason or logic in the case of Virgin, is a futile attempt. That is, the Virgin has its own established arsine, principles or rules under which they operate, and in this sense, it is important what “acceptance” or approves their minds and not what is happening as an emotional impulse, passion or fleeting impressions. Device almost never participate in the game of seduction more in a game of wits and tactics – this is a way to conquer their attention.

There’s a great anecdote in mind the comments that a good way to illustrate their psychological profile and character, then their style of expression, the mood and behavior. The man describes his amorous partner, a friend, “You know I have the impression that even before we speak She (Virgin) already knows the answer to my question. Occasionally she “knows” better than I do – what I really want, I feel or what I want. Even, if it happened to her miraculously, losing out her head, she would never have lost its mind! – No sense anywhere “?!

There is really no reason to expect their partner excessive outbursts of emotion as well Virgo controls his feelings and does not allow her intimate private life or be turned into some sort of public story. That is, the point is that – Virgo sets a high wall behind which hides its love or family life. With them should have quite the patience, because everything that we Virgin “paid” well above and precisely measured, so that your relationship is based on – the principle of merit. Their partner must first earn everything that will receive the small and strictly controlled doses. In fact, their partner must not forget: that the Virgin tireless and always ready for different mental tests, verification and analysis.