Virgo / Gemini characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

In this case, combine the earthy sign of Virgo with an air sign Gemini. Time is doubled by the fact the ruler of these two characters, the planet Mercury. What is common to both of these characters is the mindset devoid of sentimentality, although usually correct. When you intelligence that rules, with all the fascinating and sad. Your mind is critical and acts as a mal; Courts seem rational and logical, but the life side. The desire for knowledge is highly developed, but it is a skill set of facts difficult to develop thoughtfulness and deeper penetration into the issue.

Thanks to this cold and very moderate temperament, you almost always master of the situation, which is what hides the source of your problem. And while on the one hand, there is an intellectual stimulus, the desire for communication and all those airy lightness typical of the Twin Towers, the other all that more difficult Device page, bound for Earth. So we have the speed and flexibility pomečana with a pronounced tendency for the accuracy and order, method and precision, perfection and detail. However, therein lies a certain risk: can be found in front of a life that is filled with the material and intellectual terms, but can be poor in terms of the necessary contributions that give heart and feelings.

You have developed extraordinary intelligence and critical spirit – is characterized by a constant need you to understand something, get to know and learn. You have a highly developed sense of practical, you’re very flexible and variable moods; volatility we depend on subsequent, often wiser thinking. Your talents are numerous, very different and hence, often, the problem occurs when you have to orient yourself to something. You are a social person who enjoys being where something is happening. However, others are reluctant to allow you to meet.

This rising gives you the gift of oratory and the natural ability of coordination, even though we have the nervous system is like a time bomb. Versatile you are, but you have to learn to concentrate and not act impulsively. Be careful not to waste energy doing multiple things at once. You have, above all, the need for security and your childhood, much more than the other characters, will affect your development. You do not like to be alone and will seek again and again those who are similar to you and with whom you will be able to cooperate well – you need contacts, and your space, where you will not be disturbed.

You are very curious and nothing you do not leave anyone indifferent. Words can ably serve, you are able to defend their ideas and to impose; rapid conclusion you can draw the best from each other and if the practical application of your skills, you can be successful in professions related to education, communication and public affairs. Otherwise, you may be prone to manipulating others. Take care of your verbal aggression, and the volcanic temperament that can harm you. Your intelligence is sometimes prevents you to react. You care to please others, and where the resulting instability in certain sentimental plan …