VIRGO Horoscope-marriage and marriage … Meet qualities of your partner …. (ASTRO)

Device – WIFE
In contrast to all analyzes Virgo woman, when she marries into an outstanding wife. This is for respect. Her concept of marriage is the legal concept of friendship, however, which has a tinge of some business. She is. In general, a position that your household water without error. In her house everything shines and looks like new, excellent cook with it all works perfectly. When it is no such thing as a neglect of home and family.
However, its dispositions are not so good: and all her skills were somewhat affected. In any case, it still takes care of her house and of her husband, but its main drawback is that in all the great materialists and račundžija. She jealously guards the peace of your family and your personal life.
Emotionally, this woman is not too strong. It depends on many external influences, but almost all of what he does is performed routinely, so that all her traditional duties extremely good fit. But spiritual friendship and emotional ecstasy, often lacking. In his appearance, she cultivated a selfish coldness, which simply requires that some dissolved. However, it must be said that no one can fully enjoy. It is doubtful whether a woman Virgo can ever find out what the real sex and whether it could possibly climaxing when trying to meet her husband. It is, however, very smart woman, but if she truly loves, can suppress his nature. It is better for a man who is serious and whose requirements do not exceed its capabilities.

Device – HUSBAND
In fact, the only real type of woman is man Virgo the Virgin. He is interested not for love, not for passion, nor possessive. They are the most conventional, conservative and accept the domestic life, because it is part of social games. They like to keep my private life on a friendly basis, as it is a commercial relationship. In many cases, prefer to remain celibate, because it’s kind of a natural trait of character. To a lesser or greater extent, this feature characterizes all men born under this sign.
As husbands, they have many features like women Device. One of the good things is that it is capable of man, which provides a comfortable and luxurious life of his family. It can be very kritian, unhappy, and sometimes boring because of his hypochondria. It keeps your home and protect your family from financial ruin.
Virgo guy, and when there is no other bad combinations in the horoscope, it’s not too masculine. He has a very young male dominance in its appearance and performance. No passionate needs and its deepest range in love flirting or simply just love foreplay. Will never try to be a passionate lover, and his eyes only on the average sexual activity, not very enthusiastic.