Virgo is a symbol of service, education, isceljiteljstva, discipline, pragmatism, drugs, language, hoses, …..

Mythology: Zeus kidnapped and hidden in the underworld Persephone, Demeter’s daughter. Sensing that it did Zeus, Demeter, goddess of crops prohibit the nature and trees to bear fruit. Seeing that people will die, Zeus returned Persephone mother, with a rule that half a year he went to Hades, and half on Mount Olympus. Whenever Persephone was in Hades, the country would be dry and barren.

Modality: Variable

Element: Earth

Planet Ruler: Mercury / Chiron

Harmonious expression: analytical, logical, precise, quiet, humble, hard-working, talented, skilled

Inharmonious expression: stickler, perfectionist, demanding, likes to criticize, proud, rigid.

Every year when the Sun enters the sign of Virgo our purpose becomes understanding of the world and other people. With the Sun in Virgo focus on concrete, practical things, performing tasks that no one else wants to take responsibility and form routines. The focus is on intellectualizations interpersonal relationships and attempts to better understand people’s behavior, to do more for others so that we do for ourselves.

With this position, the focus was on the criticism and self-criticism, because everything has to be perfect and conducted according to a pre-conceived plan. In this connection, device is not difficult to spend much of your time to learn how someone should behave (read: to behave according to their curriculum with the argument that it is best for all). Virgo is a mutable sign and has a constant need to adapt in order to be accepted. As an earth sign will naturally adapt only the things and the people who serve it.

Sun in Virgo emphasizes selfless giving and faith in the power of the mind. Device in themselves have a need to believe in a higher goal (which is characteristic of opozitnog of Pisces), but unlike fish that aim can not and must meet, Virgo is working to target more concrete. This sign usually chooses a profession focused on the care, education, and jobs that have to do with economics and accounting.

Archetype: Virgo archetype rituals, health and habits. It is a symbol of service, education, isceljiteljstva, discipline, pragmatism, medicine, tongue, intestines, nutrition, vitamins, nature.

Box with the sign of Virgo, the position of Mercury and Chiron talk about ways of acquiring skills, analysis and preferences criticism, doubts and dissatisfaction, but also healing and spiritual development.

Shadow Device is excessive or unnecessary sacrifice, service to others, and blaming and creating guilt. Through the opposite sign, Pisces, you need to learns compassion, faith and unconditional love without criticism or doubt. Often miss the essence for details.