Virgo / Libra characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

Complementing these two characters of the Earth, one fixed and the other a variable, generates a positive, practical, orderly and stable nature. Pragmatic spirit of Taurus Virgo further acknowledges and observes a strong preference classification and categorization of things, beings and events, and expressed a sense of adaptation to everyday life.

This is a person who, without much noise minds to win genuine independence, which fully knows the value and difficulties of real life and has a knack for reaching realistic goals, which often wins solid social and financial situation – which is nevertheless not prevent the maximum develop their feelings and to offer others the best part of himself.

Such a person is prone to self-control, methodical work and avoidance of adventure. Such an attitude will keep most of the security risks and shocks of life, or to threaten to close the monotony from which she will look out, because she does not mind. Can she still happen that age myself bitterly switch because they did not use all of what her life has to offer, which has not ventured into this or that occasion.

But this shift quickly melts, because she knows that might not be pulled out the best out of life, but it is so avoid the worst. Her exaggerated aloofness sometimes disturbing for the environment, and in his youth he can also lead to increased shyness and prudence. It happens that the temptation hardened a little, but then it can be closed in themselves and escape from society, because it prefers the gentle warmth of family life from social gatherings, which it considers too superficial …

– Do you have a quiet and peaceful nature, you need some time to receive impressions and learn new; when, however, learn something, it rarely forget. Cautiously the express praise, not prone to spending money and never make quick conclusions. Your image – you are sensual and somewhat patronizing themselves. Prefer long term relationships, deep and sincere, no matter how they were dazzling. It is better to develop in a solid house, with richly furnished and equipped kitchen, as well as in a tent or caravan.

Once the tie for a place, it’s hard to leave it to the separation required by circumstances. In love with stability, loving nature and the true, simple things, you’re one of those people who truly enjoy life’s pleasures. The emotional life is somewhat warmer than other Virgo. Get out of loyalty in friendship and love, you have a solid drug on which it can count. Conveniently located in the fullness of their bodily pleasures, you survive your dreams slowly, calmly digest the reality and then, progressively or raw frees up stored energy.

You own a lot of hidden power and energy. Do not seek to be the person who will excel whether you are patient and meticulous, and only you need to realize your value. Show a certain obstinacy in order to live in a way that you choose. However, when you go into action, you are able to roll over all in its path, removing those that you interfere. This principle of self-defense has a relatively limited territory and you are ready to do anything to ensure the safety of the area that belongs to you …