Virgo Man-Stone Heart!

Name of the map: Virgo (Virgo)

There will be a special romantic; is mainly limited by date and financial material values, so as to be identified with njegovaromantika quality had dinner. When there is problem, usually asking for more work. By the nature of his mind, learns quickly and has a strong logic, in this connection if his logic does not agree with romance, never will be.

Because of the distinctive logic of the mind and adapt a situation can often act out certain behavior for the sake of partners. Whether it is necessary that the relationship would not be broken or something more in order to improve the relationship. What is considered that it is necessary to be done at a given time, will do without asking anyone for their opinion, because he thinks that his way of looking at it infallible.

Highly capable of charm and because of its mild nature of his environment usually forgiving if you make a problem. Although these problems will not be at work. At work, he tries to learn and absorbing other people’s experiences. It will not be revolutionary, but it can certainly be of those who will organize it all.

The charity is the master, because you are always improving and criticizing something, of course not because the partner is not good, but it would be even better. Although some of these criticisms can be expressed very directly and sometimes humiliating, in his mind criticism is purely educational moment that no one should take it personally, but most partner. When the injured seems very reserved and cold. The emotional ties are very important to him, but can not live without them.

Map Description: Heart of stone
Characteristics: He is devoted to family, friends, quick to cope in the new environment, because it has a talent for identifying desirable traits in that moment. Flexible, honest and valuable to whatever comes, comes first reason, and then emotionally.

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