Virgo-monthly horoscope for August 2020

JOB: What to say to ambitious Device. You are of your business – a war or a brother. Just do not know how to restrain. You work too much, and what should and what should not. Your ruler Mercury is in your sign and saying that you have to drop the ball, especially when it goes retro in the second half of the month. Some of you may have luck in trade, catering, sales of various products. Be sure you are resourceful and no money will not be. Collaborate more with the creative people, because you yourself like that, that you lie down and opens you new business ideas.

LOVE: Emotionally you are beautiful period of change. Device that were in some tough, aggressive, no emotional ties – now have the support to set off in a nice life with new and inspiring partner who will represent the breath of a new life period. It is necessary to believe and to indulge in truth and sincerity.

HEALTH: You need to bring the account during the month. All located in the abdomen, all the problems of the stomach, colon, bowel, duodenum. Many of you can go to the hospital. I do not take care of yourself too. You work too much, love to drink, cigarettes you ,, fresh air to breathe. ” Consider well what you are doing that the last four months of the year do not lose by rushing to doctors. All in all try around, more and more every day.