Virgo-monthly horoscope for August 2021.


Jupiter is still only Statira in your first field and can not seem to bring everything that awaits him. Fortunately, slowly coming out of the square to Saturn, or to the entry of Mercury July 31 important events will not be. Only when your ruler Mercury encourage new events, positive symbolism of Jupiter comes to the fore. This means that it will once again be the actual old projects which you have neglected. Carefully follow the developments in the business environment and make the information not suit you. Now is the time for reconstruction plans and the revitalization of old ideas. At the same time, there may be problems relating to family matters and real estate, especially in those who have unresolved legal and property relations. Since Mercury is also ruler of Gemini and Virgin but where is your tenth box, make sure to resolve all issues related to the status of any business or property.


Until the entry of Venus in the sign of Virgo, August 5, emotional problems will be suppressed and it is possible to engage in a secret relationship. Because of this aspect should not insist on public relations, by that date, but not after that because the position of Venus is such that its weakness may be used as an advantage if all stay away from the public eye. All connections and relations during the movements of Venus through the Virgin will be on the test, especially when in conjunction with Node, 15 August. During this time many members sign interrupt the links that do not suit them or bring them more trouble than joy. It would be good to take advantage of this time to review and clear up all the relationships complicated emotional life and will deliver cost-effective solutions.


Mental overload, insomnia and circulatory problems and fluid in the body may seem uncomfortable the next period.