Virgo-monthly horoscope for December 2020.

JOB: Mercury, your ruler, is now retrograde and will not transition through field work and health. You have probably had a lot of problems in the previous month, and you were not able to finish. Now it’s time to come back to the same task and you have to be because otherwise finishes of the new year can have a big delay in this area. Better cooperation with clients and co-workers have since 25 December, when Venus enters the sign of Capricorn and that create better aspects of labor and cooperation, as well as earnings. It would be good to restore contacts with a person related to the media, all forms of communication and Device dealing medicine will be improved before the end of the year. Sudden earnings last day of the year.

LOVE: You’ll feel like if you have a good job that gives you stability. Retro Mercury anyone without peace, especially the owners of the sign. Preference stormy quarrels, words that can not be choosers. Device must take care how they treat partner, at least for the duration of the transit retro. Device which themselves may be surprised at the invitation of former love or the person they liked a longer period. Sometimes isolate but love still see among the people, smaller groups, bar, coffee shop, promenade.

HEALTH Immunity you bad. Cough, throat sensitive, cold are not friends of this sign, especially if you work for a long time, not getting enough sleep, then you will starve and vision. When Mercury goes retro, the sun enters your life.