Virgo-monthly horoscope for December 2021.


At the beginning of December, Mercury, ruler of your sign enters into the field of love, creativity, fun and entertainment and there will be an unusually long time – until the beginning of February, due to its retrograde walk. Also, the sun will enter in this field at the beginning of the third decade of the month. The stars are apparently prepared you enough time and opportunity to find your “soul mate” …. and if you do not have the need for serious binding, then you can enjoy full steam. Now …. all this would be a wonderful and fabulous and wonderful that you have not somehow static, as if you are not in the element, such that your blade dulled …. is possible that during this period often will not know what you want and what you will …. it can happen that your emotional interests suddenly wake up and just as suddenly go limp …. but can you attract and casual relationships with people who are older than you. Now, to be fair, a really good chance you will have a very emotional about the second decade of December – up to you whether you will take advantage of it or not! If you are in an emotional relationship with partner time you are wonderful and thoughtful, time can not stop to criticize and stingy. Your loved one is the rather forgiving in this period, but you could help her, not to her difficult. Try a little, because you depends on how much will be peace and stability in your relationship.


Venus, the ruler of your job and money, enters the business of everyday life and responsibilities at the end of the first week of December. Some easier and more pleasant circumstances can be opened in front of you, but it will be absolutely necessary for you to be engaged and active, so you can use it. The problem is that you have a minor problem with the organization, it will often be late with the obligations that you have taken it upon themselves, but are your options for omissions and errors that can be linked to the arrangements or administrative matters. Changes in the business segment will be going faster than usual, and you will follow them time, time to trot them wholesale. It is possible that you have of these changes is not responding or that you are unable to fit. Do not stick to old patterns because you will not be able to function in this way. Criticism by the heads of your account may have been unjustified, but that does not mean they do not have to comply. In the financial part – the month is suitable for further engagement – you will not be able to dissipate, but you will earn solid.


Occasionally you will have less energy than usual, there is a predisposition and downs as far as immunity. Somehow you will not stop being “on the verge” of getting sick, but you must act preventively. Rest up, relax, looking for the company of positive people.