Virgo-monthly horoscope for February 2021st


Well, I do not think you will not go wrong during this month when it comes to love. Venus is still in your field of love, but in some uncomfortable aspects in the first decade of the month, so this period is free to pre he can make a big sexual activity and casual relationships. Maybe you of some of these stories I try to make something more stable, but it just will not work. However, when your ruler Mercury and Venus move into Aquarius, you are not completely calm. It is good that these aspects are made Virgo a great social activity, being surrounded by people and excellent mood. From this milieu will come and people will awaken your attention. However, the last decade of February can feast bring genuine desire to stay with the person you have met. Good communication, great sexual passion – at first glance looks like a fatal love, the one you’ve been waiting for. We will see if this initial enthusiasm to pass relatively quickly or there are grounds for durability. Those marriages and long emotional relationships must undergo the review phase of their relationship. And the mood at you and the loved ones will vary, time will work seamlessly, a time waste time in disputes. Everything can be topical – and not enough time for visitation, and a problem with jealousy, and mixing other people in your relationship. Significant sedative will be felt only in the last week of February. Some things will slowly come into their own, and you and your partner will be ready again to a much greater extent rededicate.


More than good deals during February Device to further improve its business status and maximal exercise. The thing you have to pay attention is to communicate with others, because you from the fields hostile Mars threatens the field everyday to work. You try to be correct, although it is certain that some will say I procedures people you work with appliances brain and lead you to the creeping rage. On the other hand – the transit of the first sun, from the second decade of February I Mercury and Venus through the field operating environment will bring you an expansive, innovative, creative boost and great opportunities to find a team of people with whom unwaveringly to stream forward and demolish obstacles in front of him. You bet they are working to be able to recognize your qualities, so feel free to count on that during this period greatly influence the distant future and positions. This month will literally fly, but be sure that I will be opportunities for additional earnings appear exactly – I suddenly overnight.


Stellium of planets in the field of health on the one hand is good because it brings you to pay more attention to the life segment. On the other hand however, it is certain that you will occasionally be exhausted because you’ll be spending a lot of work, it is necessary to elaborate on his immunity. Options for colds with a stronger temperature.