Virgo-monthly horoscope for March 2021st


Ever since Jupiter went retrograde in your sign at the beginning of January, the emphasis is thrown on a review of your emotional relationship. Considering that during this month, and Saturn, which is in the field at home also moving backward stroke, it is evident that all the emotional relationships that are included Device must now undergo an assessment of sustainability and value. I solar eclipse occurs in your field of serious partnerships, it is obviously time to some selfish goals aside, and that you and your partner look each other in the eye and ask yourself – if we continue together or not? If your relationship has even more crumbs of love and what you were connected at the outset, it is worth the effort. Things can no longer be swept under the carpet, because you do not have this month, or next will not bring relief in the sense that its obligations to the relationship in which you can easily understand. Therefore, dear Virgin, be smart and try to find common ground with a loved one. It is time that you two are back together. Venus, which will transition through the field of serious partnerships contribute to the love and tenderness of some wounds heal faster and easier. Those who are free are facing a time filled with numerous opportunities for flirting and adventure. I’m not sure that you will be willing to be bound to one person, despite all the opportunities that you provide. Pay attention to the last decade of March when you can re-establish contact and talks to some former intimate partner.


Square Mercury and Mars in the first decade of March will not reflect well on your business cooperation, but not to communicate with the people you work with, even superiors. Expect these days of tension and problems in the business environment, but will grow to all situations easy to cope, because you keep the idea of ​​what you want to achieve. You know what are your goals and you will not let you slow down by a brief problems in building a broader picture. Progress smoothly. Another embarrassing situation will be about a lunar eclipse at the beginning of the third decade, 23, sharps, and in the days before and after it, pay more attention to their business relationships. In fact, the second decade of March is the best for business achievement, but it and the unemployed can find something for themselves. Funding the work will not be fully satisfied because inflows will occasionally be “skinny” and the costs and obligations are increasing.


Older members of the sign may have problems with varying pressure, blood vessels and blood circulation, especially in the first half of the month. Younger confers more movement, but let amateurs take care of injuries. Definitely need to bring more attention to the diet, not only because of excess weight, but also because of digestion, that you occasionally real problem.