Virgo-monthly horoscope for May 2021st


Remember that for every successful emotional relationship primarily need to look at what your failures and mistakes and how you can personally contribute to improving relations. This month you do not have an easy task in their relationships and marriages, because you tend to make mistakes in the relationship, and not only that, but also to repeat them and to stubbornly hold their beliefs. Partner as of the second decade to become more actively involved in efforts to renew and enrich your relationship and you should follow his way. Therefore, dear Device – a little more tolerance, rub your nagging and make sure that your connection is stable place. Even little things can now largely fix your relationship and bring a loved one to lunch, the outdoors, take a couple of days and go to a nice putovanjce. Together enjoy and relax. Those who are lonely, because of the large number of retrograde planets that during this period affect them or be like, the past, or you will not have enough incentives to hire, you start out among more people. Through work, especially through business travel, however, before you can open up the possibility for a lot of interesting love story. The point is that you should not be tight, let your second approach and give them a chance. The second part of May was much more active, relax and enjoy!


Jupiter in the field of work and money at the end of the first decade of May, moving direct stroke. No, your sign ruler, Mercury, throughout the month as a retrograde movement, which in its shadow, but before the period when you do not need to hurry and rush because it will only be introduced in the errors and omissions in collaborative relationships. The strongest was put box foreigners, traveling, and the activities in these segments will be many, but here goes – be rational, practical, patient and practical and you can hope for success, mostly when the third decade of the Sun and Venus enter your career field. In essence, this is a month when a lot of support from others do not, the truth is that it all depends on you and from it in any way to set up, but they have more than enough will and perseverance to all situations successfully complete. Financial segment to be quite successful, the money will “want”, and there you will be able to be relaxed.


Ruler field of health is going backwards, but because Jupiter in your sign moves directly, but this is the period that successfully solve health problems from the previous period. What you need to move, because you are prone to static, a transition to a healthier diet will now give you great results.