Virgo-monthly horoscope for November 2020.

JOB: A lot of energy is going to invest in the work that you do. It is good that you are full of confidence, and creativity that you can not miss. Your ruler Mercury is in Scorpio until 6 November and it will be a good start for you because you will try to organize everything properly. You will not be pressured by superiors because you yourself everything and more than everything. You must take care in communicating with women in the work environment because you have jealousy on their part. Perhaps someone from colleagues fail because you did not expect, but you have to overcome and that it is your victory anyway. Take care about money when Mercury enters Sagittarius, as this will be a time spending, inattention, exaggeration and the possibility of loss. The second half of the month, ie before the end, I can feel the Virgin second decade especially financially.

LOVE: The second half of the month is the time when you can be more relaxed on the field of love. Venus and Jupiter in one beautiful aspect can provide great days of happiness, love, ponesenosti, ideal love. You should be aware that this is a period when you can accomplish a serious relationship, a great love. If you are married, then beware of affairs or secret love that is at your doorstep.

HEALTH: Beware of cold weather. Temperature changes can be very difficult for your body. It is particularly important to reduce your intake of carbohydrates, artificial sugar. Base important feeding on vegetables, seeds, fruit.