Virgo-monthly horoscope for October 2020.

JOB: As you know, you’re full of new ideas, inspired, you can get even more and better. Your ruler Mercury is in another field of money and you will easily make money. How adept you are in communication and in business administration, real estate, negotiations with foreign companies. Liaise with one influential uniformed person, you may achieve success through it, but you are still advised to stick to themselves and their ideas. You must be prepared in a variety of provocations, but you are intelligent enough to seokrenete smarter challenges. The period from the second half of the month is important to take care of your spending.

LOVE: You are now at the stage when you need more love than usual. Do you want to devote to the relationship you are in. Sometimes I wander, but be careful because the middle of the month you are prone to sarcasm, anger, emotional mood decline, which can bring you up to termination. It is usually difficult to booting after these emotional breakdowns, but you are encouraged merry companions, going out, the mood of people. Device married must keep an eye on the money.

HEALTH: You’ve changed your diet, we change the sleep time. The night is for sleeping, a day to work and stick to these principles, you will be better. If you have a problem with blood sugar, you will probably have a heart problem. Visit a specialist during the month.